Artist Statement

I am a Photographer.

It has taken me a long time to admit it and even longer to believe it, but I am a Photographer. 

When I started taking photos it was a hobby, an escape from the problems and troubles of the world.  But today, it is a desire that is only quenched by the click of my camera shutter, it is my passion, it is me. 

If you asked me to describe my work, I would say I am a portrait photographer, but I’m just as happy to bring my camera to the sports field or in the wild.  Regardless of the subject one thing remains the same; I try to create a photograph that is more than just a pretty image.  I push to create something that tells a story, expresses emotion, and has a feel, a soul.  The greatest complement I have ever received was from a model, who after looking at her portrait hugged me with tears in her eyes and said “that is me, not model me but the real me”.  This person had her photo taken hundreds of times before and I was able to move her with one simple photograph, this is my goal, to move my audience.

I can honestly say I have never been completely satisfied with a photograph I have taken.  I have never mastered the light or clearly won the war with composition.  These are goals that very few photographers ever achieve and perhaps I never will but it is this challenge that drives me.  I believe that with every photo I create I get better, one step closer to the goal.  I believe that my next image will be my best ever and perhaps I will finally be satisfied with a photograph